The Divinity Collection

Pyrite Gold Rosary Inspired Unique Necklace 753

This is a gorgeous Pyrite Gemstone Rosary Inspired Y necklace in 14kt gold filled. Necklace is and 18" length with a 2" drop.  An oval Miraculous Medallion sits at center.  This is a unique design that centers around love, guidance and divine protection.  This necklace comes nicely boxed, the perfect gift!

*May be ordered in Sterling Silver.

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Significance of the 7-5-3 beads on this necklace...
The number 7 signifies completion of perfection and is often called God's number while the number
5 is the number of harmony, balance and divine grace. The number three represents the divine trinity and also resonates with the energies of optimism, joy, inspiration and creation.

Pyrite gemstone healing properties...
Pyrite is a powerful protection stone and is very grounding, shielding from negative energies. A conducting & energizing stone. Clears the mind making way for clear focus, & fosters intelligence, logic, psychic development, & creativity. It allows one to unfold their unique talents & abilities.

These necklaces are handmade and made to order. Necklaces will shio out in 5-7 business days. I do offer expedited shipping for rush orders, see shipping options at checkout.

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90 USD